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Aug 2018

#5 - Lukasz Zelezny - SEO and content optimization in 2018 - How to win the game


Lukasz Zelezny is the Director of Organic Acquisition at ZPG and he spoke at the Ungagged conference 2018 with a presentation SEO and content optimization in 2018 - How to win the game. You can also check out the presentation at the bottom.

Here are the links to the tools we mention in the podcast:



Jul 2018

#4 - Oliver Brett - Why SEO wizards need user testing hobbits


Oliver Brett - Screaming Frog spoke at Search Leeds 2018 conference with a presentation titled Why SEO wizards need user testing hobbits. Oliver is an SEO working at ScreamingFrog, a company that is first an SEO agency and they sell the tool Screaming Frog, probably the best SEO tool.

Here are the links to the things we talked about:

Lord of the SERPS Twitter account

User testing tools that Oliver mentioned:

Here is the presentation:


Jul 2018

Episode 3 - Hannah Smith - What happens when a werewolf bites a goldfish?


Episode 3 features Hannah Smith who works at Verve Search and talks about Werewolves and goldfish, interesting things in SEO and we talked a bit about the SEO community in the UK.

Here are links to the things we spoke about:

You can also check out the full video and the slides from Hannas presentation

Jul 2018

Episode 2 - Niki Vecsei Harrold - Case Study Transamerica


Niki is the Director of Communities Strategy and Social Media at Transamerica. She presented at the Content marketing conference on how the company Transamerica used online Facebook testing with dark advertising to test all the changes in the companies brand. She tells us what they learned and how.

Jun 2018

Episode 1 - Tyler Lessard - The Art of Creating Customer Experiences with Site, Sound and Motion


The first episode talks about how we should be creating video content for all the parts of the sales funnel. We invited Tyler Lessard, the VP of Marketing at Vidyard

Here are the links to some of the things we spoke about on the podcast.

Chalk Talks
Inbound marketing conference
Brian Hallingan, CEO of Hubspot